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  • Individual Health
  • Med Supp (from Broker Portal for the Broker)
  • Subsidy Calculator
  • Client Login and Interface
  • Ability to Save and Email Quotes
  • Ability to Save and Email Comparisons
  • Public Facing Quote Engine

Apply / Enroll

  • FFM Integration
  • Complete ACA enrollments, typically in less than 10 minutes
  • Your NPN is embedded in every ACA enrollment
  • A live link to to upload supporting documentation
  • Enrollment/Subsidy verification from upon successful completion

Broker Portal (CRM)

  • Report Generation
  • Permission Management
  • All Data Stored Securely per ACA Requirements
  • Worldwide Redundant Servers
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Policy Management
  • Renewal Management
  • Standard Data Import/Export †

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