Welcome to the Special Enrollment Period

We wanted to remind everyone, that during the Special Enrollment Period (SEP), there are no monthly software fees. Software fees will resume on 11/1/17.

You can still use the software as normal during the SEP for all of your consumers who have a qualifying SEP event.

We did want to make sure that you are aware of some changes that have been implemented by HealthCare.gov for the Special Enrollment Period.

Certain types of SEP qualifying events will be subject to the SEPV process of pre-enrollment verification.

Eligible consumers must submit documents that confirm their SEP eligibility before they can complete their enrollment and start using their Marketplace coverage.

Phase 1: Effective June 23rd, pre-enrollment verification starts for two SEP types:

  • Loss of coverage
  • Permanent move

Phase 2: Effective August, pre-enrollment verification starts for three additional SEP types:

  • Marriage
  • Gaining or becoming a dependent through adoption, placement for adoption, placement in foster care, or a child support or other court order
  • Medicaid/Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) denial

If you have any questions please email us at support@ebrokersoftware.com or call us @ 1-800-918-4229 ext. 4.