News from eBroker Software related to health insurance, software releases and features, enrollment, and more.

Jun 26 2017

Special Enrollment Period

Welcome to the Special Enrollment Period We wanted to remind everyone, that during the Special Enrollment Period (SEP), there are no monthly software fees.... read more

Feb 1 2017

New Broker Portal Payment Feature

New Time Saving Broker Portal Credit Card Update Feature We are pleased to announce that we have updated your Broker Portal with a new... read more

Nov 17 2016

The Future of ACA

This year’s Presidential Election has caused a lot of stir around the country, especially surrounding the Affordable Care Act. There have been a lot... read more

Nov 15 2016

eBroker Software Support is Here to Help

We want to make sure that each of you, our valued eBroker software users, are aware of our updated Tech Support Service Request system.... read more

Nov 9 2016

Important ACA Application Information

Important ACA Application Information We would like to provide you with some additional information that will help you process your ACA applications more efficiently.... read more

Nov 2 2016

Happy ACA Open Enrollment

Happy ACA Open Enrollment We would like to welcome you into the ACA Open Enrollment Period for 2017. You can now enroll your clients... read more

Oct 25 2016

Introducing Your New Broker Portal

We’ve redesigned our Broker Portal, formerly known as Agency Central, and we want to show you around! Most of the updates were done behind... read more

Oct 20 2016

Good Neighbor Pharmacy/Prescription Savings Programs

Good Neighbor Pharmacy/Prescription Consumer Savings Programs Many folks can vaguely remember hearing about a Wal-Mart $4.00/$10.00 drug program, yet have no idea of the... read more

Sep 20 2016

FFM 2017 Agent/Broker Certification

Open Enrollment is drawing near! If you plan to sell during this coming OEP, please complete your FFM certification for the 2017 plan year.... read more

Sep 16 2016

CMS Cracks Down on Special Enrollment Periods

In an effort to reduce misuse and abuse of the health care marketplace, CMS is taking steps to monitor special enrollment period qualifications. Changes... read more

Sep 9 2016

Improvements to Your Software

Our latest update now lets you quote more than ever before! Agents, we’ve expanded your ability to quote Medicare products within the Broker Portal,... read more

Sep 7 2016

Agency Central - Updated Tasks Experience

Update 10/24/2016: Agency Central is now known as the Broker Portal We have recently made some changes to the Tasks page in Agency Central.... read more

Aug 24 2016

Oscar the Latest to Reduce Exchange Participation

Oscar, known for its witty advertising and tech-friendly processes, announced that it will be pulling out of the health care marketplace in two areas... read more

Aug 19 2016

Scott & White Health Plan Exiting Health Care Marketplace

Just one day after Aetna announced plans to leave the ACA exchange in 11 states, Scott & White Health Plan (SWHP) said they too... read more

Aug 16 2016

Aetna Pulling Out of 11 ACA Exchanges

Shoppers living in over two-thirds of the 778 counties where Aetna currently offers Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange plans won’t have access to them... read more